Title: Jane Todd Crawford Hospital
Description: Jane Todd Crawford Hospital is a Local Government owned hospital located in Greensburg, KY. It has 1 specialty unit, Adult and/or Pediatric Care.
Location: State: Kentucky
City: Greensburg
Address: PO Box 140
Top services: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Features: Get Previous Order: 25
Teaching Hospital: No
Adult and/or Pediatric Care beds: 25
Rates: Pulmonary services: At national average in 1 of 2 areas
Patient safety rates: Prevention of death in procedures where mortality is usually very low: worse
Lack of pressure sores or bed sores acquired in the hospital: average
Avoidance of collapsed lung due to a procedure or surgery in or around the chest: average
Lack of infections acquired at hospital: average
Absence of hip fracture after surgery: average
Avoidance of excessive bruising or bleeding as a consequence of a procedure or surgery: average
Adequate organ function and electrolyte and fluid balance after surgery: average
Avoidance of respiratory failure following surgery: average
Lack of deep blood clots in the lungs or legs after surgery: average
Avoidance of severe infection following surgery: average
Affiliated doctors: Dr. William Feltner
Dr. Bobby J Brooks, MD
Dr. William L Shuffett, MD
Dr. Harry B Huntsman
Dr. Robert L Shuffett
Dr. Robert P Simmons, MD
Dr. Kenneth J Desimone, MD
Dr. Eugene H Shively, MD

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New Reviews

Dr. Gene Norman Barry
Obstetrics & Gynecology
3030 North Street Suite 510
do not go there, all women are treated like a number, he does not pay attention and could care less....
PO Box 140,
42743, Kentucky