Title: Griffin Hospital
Description: Griffin Hospital
Location: State: Connecticut
City: Derby
Address: 130 Division Street
Top services: Bowel Obstruction
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Gastrointestinal Bleed
Heart Attack
Heart Failure
Hip Fracture Repair
Respiratory Failure
Features: Get Previous Order: 103
Intensive Care beds: 14
Adult and/or Pediatric Care beds: 89
Teaching Hospital: Yes
Rates: Cardiac services: At national average in 1 of 2 areas
Critical Care services: Above national average in 2 of 4 areas
Gastrointestinal services: At national average in 5 of 5 areas
General Surgery services: At national average in 2 of 2 areas
Orthopedic services: At national average in 4 of 4 areas
Pulmonary services: At national average in 1 of 2 areas
Vascular services: At national average in 2 of 2 areas
Patient safety rates: Prevention of death in procedures where mortality is usually very low: average
Lack of pressure sores or bed sores acquired in the hospital: average
Ability to diagnose and treat in time: average
Avoidance of collapsed lung due to a procedure or surgery in or around the chest: average
Lack of infections acquired at hospital: average
Absence of hip fracture after surgery: better
Avoidance of excessive bruising or bleeding as a consequence of a procedure or surgery: average
Adequate organ function and electrolyte and fluid balance after surgery: average
Avoidance of respiratory failure following surgery: average
Lack of deep blood clots in the lungs or legs after surgery: average
Avoidance of severe infection following surgery: average
Lack of surgical wound site breakdown: average
Complication rates: Back and Neck Surgery (except Spinal Fusion): 3
Hip Fracture Repair: 3
Total Knee Replacement: 3
Carotid Surgery: 3
Cholecystectomy: 3
Peripheral Vascular Bypass: 3
Prostatectomy: 3
Affiliated doctors: Dr. Robert W Nolan, MD
Dr. Gad Lavy
Dr. Shaun C Williams
Dr. Andrew J Levi, MD
Dr. Cynthia M Ronan, MD
Dr. Scott A Vander Vennet, MD
Dr. Katherine Reese, MD
Dr. Neelima Kaushal, MD
Dr. Alexander Carrese, MD
Dr. Dorothy Gutwein, MD
Dr. Michael B Doyle, MD
Dr. Michael O'Reilly
Dr. Brian D Karsif, MD
Dr. Kathleen M Gabriele, DO
Dr. Nelson T Chao, MD
Dr. Kenneth J Dobuler, MD
Dr. Kathleen M Chaisson, MD
Dr. Vivek Agnihotri, MD
Dr. Ashokkumar Shah, MD
Dr. Michael J Lustick, MD
Dr. Michael Kligfeld, MD
Dr. Marilee L Freitas, MD
Dr. Steven A Hirshorn, MD
Dr. John M Aversa, MD
Dr. Philip Simkovitz, MD
Dr. Allan Rodrigues, MD
Dr. Madhu S Gowda, MD
Dr. Liqun Song, MD
Dr. David Moll, MD
Dr. Christopher J Michos, MD
Dr. David Hendricks, MD
Dr. Alyssa R French, MD
Dr. Darcy A Harris, DO
Dr. Gregory D Bell, MD
Dr. Gregory Boris, DO
Dr. Sybil Cheng, DO
Dr. Michael J Tocci, MD
Dr. Domenic W Casablanca, MD
Dr. Kenneth A Ward, MD
Dr. Samuel W Streit, MD
Dr. Saroja Koneswaran, MD
Dr. Kenneth E Mancher, MD
Dr. F P Swanson, MD
Dr. Frank P Swanson, MD
Dr. Daniel J Mizak, MD
Dr. Marc P Nespoli, MD
Dr. John W Dobbins, MD
Dr. Sidney Bogardus
Dr. Harold M Schwartz, MD
Dr. Gerald G Fette, MD
Dr. Jonathan T Simon, MD
Dr. Jeffrey T Dreznick, MD
Dr. Martin H Floch, MD
Dr. Chakrapani Prakash, MD
Dr. John F Reilly, MD
Dr. Taras V Kucher, MD
Dr. Ihor N Ponomarenko, MD
Dr. Leland J Soto, MD
Dr. Guy R Nicastri, MD
Dr. Kathleen E Minnick, MD
Dr. Lori E Medeiros, MD
Dr. William R Butler, MD
Dr. Vani Savalgi, MD
Dr. John A Farens, MD
Dr. Elliot K Mathias
Dr. Daniel E Wollman, MD
Dr. Geraldine M Fabregas, MD
Dr. Muhammad E Qadir, MD
Dr. Lionel S Lim, MD
Dr. Johanna Lasala, MD
Dr. Wajih Zaheer, MD
Dr. Daniel Y Reuben, MD
Dr. Greg Angstreich
Dr. Anamika Katoch, MD
Dr. Jeffrey Orell, MD
Dr. Walter B Lundberg Jr
Dr. Su Hsien Lim, MD
Dr. John C Rhee, MD
Dr. W Bruce Lundberg, MD
Dr. Rajani Nadkarni, MD
Dr. Teresa Kryspin, MD
Dr. Bindu Dey, MD
Dr. Michael Cassetta
Dr. Antonio A Lopez, MD
Dr. James B Butler, MD
Dr. Lawrence S Beck, MD
Dr. Joseph B Guarnaccia, MD
Dr. James P Ralabate, MD
Dr. Stephen M Spear, MD
Dr. Piotr W Baginski, MD
Dr. Robin Mahabir, MD
Dr. Joseph Brenes, MD
Dr. Bruce T Brennan, MD
Dr. David M Jutkowitz, MD
Dr. Koneswaran Murugesapillai, MD
Dr. Bardia Asgari, MD
Dr. Carlos Schweitzer, MD
Dr. Ronald H Hirokawa, MD
Dr. Douglas D Silin, MD
Dr. Lee H Greenwood, MD
Dr. Irwin D Feintzeig, MD
Dr. James P Gavin, MD
Dr. Mitchell A Fogel, MD
Dr. William A Hunt, MD
Dr. Robert C Kim, MD
Dr. Paul B Nussbaum, MD
Dr. Peter J Mcallister, MD
Dr. Kanaga Sena, MD
Dr. Lisa Webb, MD
Dr. Martin Stransky, MD
Dr. Felix L Lin, MD
Dr. Neil W Tishkoff, MD
Dr. William B Zucconi, DO
Dr. Helmuth W Gahbauer, MD
Dr. Abraham Mintz
Dr. Patrick P Mastroianni, MD
Dr. Gary M Bloomgarden, MD
Dr. Michael E Opalak, MD
Dr. Perry A Shear, MD
Dr. Daniel E Nijensohn, MD
Dr. Martin E Katz, MD
Dr. Jeremy Kortmansky, MD
Dr. Harold Tara, MD
Dr. Thomas Fynan, MD
Dr. Kay Haedicke, MD
Dr. Joseph P Connelly Jr
Dr. Mark E Wilchinsky, MD
Dr. James J Fitzgibbons, MD
Dr. Joel W Malin, MD
Dr. Peter S Boone, MD
Dr. Scott Waller, MD
Dr. John Awad, MD
Dr. Patrick J Carolan, MD
Dr. David B Brown
Dr. David J Martin, MD
Dr. Eric M Garver, MD
Dr. Gary R Richo, MD
Dr. Gerald F Cambria, MD
Dr. Ignatius Komninakas, MD
Dr. Arthur G Geiger, MD
Dr. William S Lewis, MD
Dr. Kieve M Berkwits, MD
Dr. Douglas C Curtiss, MD
Dr. Azimuddin Kazi, MD
Dr. Anthony G Wayne, MD
Dr. Gerald J Germano, MD
Dr. Marci Klein, MD
Dr. Robert L Lavallee, MD
Dr. Janet T Lau, MD
Dr. Fadi M Hammoud, MD
Dr. Deborah Pan
Dr. Paul D Fischer, MD
Dr. Richard J Restifo, MD
Dr. Javier J Davila, MD
Dr. Dana Salomy
Dr. James Alexander
Dr. Jill Barron, MD
Dr. Gordon Kuster, MD
Dr. Luis R Gonzalez, MD
Dr. Edward Halstead, MD
Dr. Joyce Y Chung, MD
Dr. Michael L Dewar
Dr. James V Lettera, MD
Dr. Richard Salzano, MD
Dr. Viswa B Nathan, MD
Dr. Jeffrey D Small, MD
Dr. Arnold D Rivera, MD
Dr. Stephen B Siegel, MD
Dr. Harvey E Armel, MD
Dr. Alan J Malitz, MD
Dr. Milton F Armm, MD
Dr. Madeleine Kitaj
Dr. Paul D Demartini, MD
Dr. Antoine M Ferneini, MD
Dr. Timothy M Manoni, MD
Dr. Paul J Gagne, MD
Dr. Ben U Marsan, MD
Dr. Michael A Sergi, MD

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