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Dr. Paul E Cochrane, MD   

Family Practice, Male
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Family Practice
Primary specialty - Family Practice

Physical address
275 Nichols Road
Fitchburg , Massachusetts - 1420
Phone: (978) 345-4447

Gender - Male
First name Paul
Middle name E
Last name Cochrane

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SHOULD I GET A FLU SHOT? What is Nature's Flu Shot ...
Posted on March 9, 2014 by Paul Lynn MD. Dr. Paul Lynn. Paul Lynn, MD. The above is a ... Dr Oz gave Piers Morgan an influenza shot on air to demonstrate the ease and safety of the procedure…Piers Morgan promptly became sick! – I have ...
American College of Cardiology Foundation | Journal of the ...
Paul Monagle, MD, MSc, MBBS; Andrew Cochrane, MD; Robin Roberts, MSc; Cedric Manlhiot, BSc; Robert Weintraub, MBBS; Barbara Szechtman, BA; Marina Hughes, DPhil; Maureen Andrew, MD; Brian W. McCrindle, MD, MPH. [+-] Author Information. Presented at the 2008 ..... Stumper O., Sutherland G.R., Geuskens R., Roelandt J.R., Bos E., Hess J.; Transesophageal echocardiography in evaluation and management after a Fontan procedure. J Am Coll Cardiol.
American College of Cardiology Foundation | Journal of the ...
Brian W. McCrindle, MD, MPH; Cedric Manlhiot, BSc; Andrew Cochrane, MD; Robin Roberts, MSc; Marina Hughes, DPhil; Barbara Szechtman, BA; Robert Weintraub, MBBS; Maureen Andrew, MD; Paul Monagle, MD, MSc, MBBS. [+-] Author Information. ⁎ Labatt Family ..... Monagle P., Chalmers E., Chan A., Antithrombotic therapy in neonates and children: American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (8th edition). Chest. 2008;133:887S-968S.
Do Patients Want More Care or Less? - NYTimes.com
Dr. Barry, whose editorial on shared decision making was published last month in The New England Journal of Medicine, believes patients are ready to hear the message. ... Emerging research supports the trend: The Cochrane Collaboration, a leading medical review group, last month published the results of a review of more than 20,000 patients in studies of “decision aids,” communication tools meant to prepare people for treatments by explaining potential benefits ...

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Primary Location
275 Nichols Road
Fitchburg , Massachusetts - 1420
Phone: (978) 345-4447

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275 Nichols Road
Fitchburg , Massachusetts - 1420
Phone: (978) 345-4447


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Years from graduation - 54

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