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Dr. Ways
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Dr. Carol Margaret Ways   

Family Practice, Female
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Family Practice
Primary specialty - Family Practice

Physical address
3606 West Liberty Road
Ann Arbor , Michigan - 48103
Phone: 313-995-1442

Gender - Female
First name Carol
Middle name Margaret
Last name Ways

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews & Rating for Dr. Ways, MD
based in 3 reviews


3 rates. common rating: 6.7
Overall Exam Rating 8
Overall Timeliness Rating 6
Overall MD Rating 6
Dr. Carol Margaret Ways at Discussions
PeaceTrees in Vietnam (1998)
soc.culture.vietnamese - 1 post - 1 author - Last post: Oct 10, 2000Carol Ways, a 40-year-old physician from Michigan, was one of three volunteer doctors on the team (including her father) and she rose to deliver a graphic ...
Dr. Carol Margaret Ways at Blogs
The Perfectly Hidden Depressed Person - Dr. Margaret ...
It's a set-up for someone trying to look fantastic on the outside – and feeling quite another way on the inside. The PHDP needs ... No bells and whistles go off Carol when someone is keeping a secret. It can be impossible to really tell what ...
Moral accounting? Employee disclosures from a ...
by Sarah Williams and Carol A Adams. Published in ... In this way, through an in-depth longitudinal analysis of disclosures from multiple perspectives, the paper contributes to theorising of the role of social disclosure in the organisation-society relationship. This article is ...... The period of our study follows the year of the election in the UK of a radical Conservative government led by Margaret Thatcher who was determined to halt the economic decline in Britain. Interest ...
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Admiral ...
Joining us in today's briefing to walk through the developments of the last sort of 24 to 48 hours down in the Gulf are some familiar faces to you all by now: Carol Browner; Admiral Thad Allen -- Retired Admiral Thad Allen; as well as .... And I'm wondering whether it's -- whether that definitive of a conclusion is really warranted with science, and why you wouldn't release the pages of scientific backup to show how it was arrived at. DR. LUBCHENCO: We believe that ...
Dr. Carol Davis's Graduation Speech at Sitting Bull Colllege ...
Student Message: To the graduates I suggest that when you have the opportunity to do something for your tribe, create commitment and figure out how to help all of the people in the way the founders of Sitting Bull College created commitment. .... Marilyn Keepseagle, Shirley Plume, Leona Claymore, Margaret Teachout, Margie Dunn, Philomine One Feather, Alvina Grey Bear, Elaine St. John, Elsie Martin, Theresa Martin, Eunice Gipp, Zona Thunderhawk--these are ...

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Primary Location
3606 West Liberty Road
Ann Arbor , Michigan - 48103
Phone: 313-995-1442

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3606 West Liberty Road
Ann Arbor , Michigan - 48103
Phone: 313-995-1442


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