Dr. Ways
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Dr. Carol Margaret Ways   

Family Practice, Female
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Family Practice
Primary specialty - Family Practice

Physical address
3606 West Liberty Road
Ann Arbor , Michigan - 48103
Phone: 313-995-1442

Gender - Female
First name Carol
Middle name Margaret
Last name Ways

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews & Rating for Dr. Ways, MD
based in 3 reviews


3 rates. common rating: 6.7
Overall Exam Rating 8
Overall Timeliness Rating 6
Overall MD Rating 6
Dr. Carol Margaret Ways at Discussions
PeaceTrees in Vietnam (1998)
soc.culture.vietnamese - 1 post - 1 author - Last post: Oct 10, 2000Carol Ways, a 40-year-old physician from Michigan, was one of three volunteer doctors on the team (including her father) and she rose to deliver a graphic ...
Dr. Carol Margaret Ways at Blogs
The Perfectly Hidden Depressed Person - Dr. Margaret ...
It's a set-up for someone trying to look fantastic on the outside – and feeling quite another way on the inside. The PHDP needs ... No bells and whistles go off Carol when someone is keeping a secret. It can be impossible to really tell what ...
Healthcare-NOW! - Dr. Margaret Flowers Visits Bill Moyers ...
DR. MARGARET FLOWERS: Is there somebody here who's in charge that can have somebody who's a representative of the President, come and take this? BILL MOYERS: This time, she and her colleague, Dr. Carol Paris, refused to ... BILL MOYERS: How could you make that claim? DR. MARGARET FLOWERS: Because numerous polls have shown that the majority of the American public want a national health system. When the poll actually describes what it is, you ...
Moral accounting? Employee disclosures from a stakeholder
by Sarah Williams and Carol A Adams. Published in ... In this way, through an in-depth longitudinal analysis of disclosures from multiple perspectives, the paper contributes to theorising of the role of social disclosure in the organisation-society relationship. This article is ...... The period of our study follows the year of the election in the UK of a radical Conservative government led by Margaret Thatcher who was determined to halt the economic decline in Britain. Interest ...
Controversial Trans-Fans Like Margaret Cho | Carol ...
By Dr. Carol QueenOh dear... when allies do not feel the alliance, it is so sad. I think this is an ongoing issue with progressives, but that's not what I'm thinking about today. Today it's trannies and tranny-chasers, transfolk and ...

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Primary Location
3606 West Liberty Road
Ann Arbor , Michigan - 48103
Phone: 313-995-1442

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3606 West Liberty Road
Ann Arbor , Michigan - 48103
Phone: 313-995-1442


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